Consultants always appreciate visuals. Here are some great bar charts from the Economist showing the differences between countries.Note: not all countries are shown.  All great bar charts.

Meat Consumption by Country by Product

  • Luxembourg, United States, and Australia eat the most meat per capita
  • Argentina eats the most beef per person (think pampas)
  • Kuwait eats the most poultry per capita, by a wide margin
  • Austria eats the most pork per capita (curious how China would stack up)

Economist chart on meat consumption by country - Consulting blog

Cause of Mortality in Young People (10-24 year old)

  • American young people have the highest mortality rate for this age group
  • More Americans die from violence (dark blue bar) than other OECD countries
  • New Zealand and Finland have the highest % of suicides from this age group
  • The US, New Zealand, Portugal, and Greece have the highest traffic accident rates

Economist chart showing teenager deaths by cause - Consulting blog

Plastic Surgery by Country

  • South Korea has the largest number of plastic surgeries per capita
  • Brazil has has the largest number of invasive plastic surgery per capita
  • US and Brazil have the largest total number of surgeries (3.31M and 2.52M)

Economist chart plastic surgery by country - Consulting blog

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