We all complain. Anyone used to living the good life – yes, including consultants – can find things to be unhappy about, even in the best of circumstances. It’s human nature. It’s first world problems.

We should be grateful. It’s my observation that most of the things that consultants complain about are inconveniences, not problems. Annoyances.

“First world problems” The things consultants kvetch about are just not things that less fortunate people worry about. Some of my first world problems:

  • Closing down unneeded applications because the computer is running slowly
  • Booking flights too late and getting the middle seat
  • Waiting 2 hours to eat because Delta ran out of the fruit & cheese box
  • Taking online training courses at work, unrelated to consulting
  • Waiting for the client to reply to my emails
  • Porting my data to my new company cell phone
  • Rescheduling lunch with a friend 3 times
  • Getting antsy and bored from working from home
  • Maxing out 401K contribution, wishing I could put more away pretax
  • Booking hotels too late, and not getting the hotel of your choice
  • Being unhappy with my CPA’s responsiveness
  • Paying with a personal VISA because restaurant does not take Corporate AMEX
  • Searching for the gas cap release button the Chrysler 300 rental
  • Filing out travel expenses

Consultant Expenses

As a sanity check, compare your “woe is I” consulting standard-of-living with the miserable conditions that most of the world’s. Check out the UN Millennium Development Goals here, you will be reminded of what real problems look like.

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