Management consulting = business travel. No way around it. If you don’t like business travel, you will hate consulting. Here are some things I have experienced.

  • Know your airline frequent flyer number, but not your mom’s phone number
  • Take too much pride in the type of roller bag you have
  • Drive 30 miles out of your way to stay within your hotel loyalty program
  • Find it odd to pay for restaurant meals on the weekend
  • Recognize new hotel staff, and welcome them “aboard” the Marriott family
  • Stop taking left-over miniature toiletries home (because you have enough)
  • Call the hotel “home” by accident, a lot
  • Do your dry-cleaning in your travel city, not hometown
  • No longer make fun of TSA (nothing more to say after 8 years of mocking them)
  • Buy the monthly parking pass at your client site
  • Buy a set of clothes at Macy’s when your flight home gets cancelled
  • Wake up in the middle of the night, don’t know which city you are in
  • Change into jeans before your flight home, like a homeless person
  • Have a ziplock back of rechargers and electronics (phone, iPad, bluetooth)
  • Get amazing work done on the plane – especially with aisle seats
  • Compliment the pilot when it is a particularly “good landing”
  • Like your rental car because its nicer than your own car
  • Leave gym shoes, tennis racquet and extra clothes with the bell hop
  • Eat the same restaurant 3 times in one week
  • Receive a Christmas present from the hotel
  • Eat Five Guys breakfast sandwich at 6am

Some things I can relate to, but have never done. . .

  • Place your hands under the faucet at home, expecting the water to come on
  • Take a flight just to make the next level of airline rewards
  • Sort expenses into 2 reports: #1 expenses that might be challenged (and delay payment),#2 all the other ones that will go right through
  • Keep 2-3 suitcases packed at a time to minimize laundry and re-packing time
  • Interview / get interviewed for a job at an airport lounge


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