Consulting advice: Don’t use clip art

By | May 13, 2014


My colleagues and I disagree about this. Some use clipart or photos to demonstrate the emotion or “mood” of a PowerPoint.  Not me. Call me a puritan.

I tell my team to not include clip art or superfluous photos. It shows a lack of substance. If you need to cut/paste photos or something to “spice up” your presentation, it means that you don’t have anything to say and you are wasting people’s time.


The following photos are from a presentation I saw today.  Ewww, bad. trite.

No clipart no photos


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4 thoughts on “Consulting advice: Don’t use clip art

  1. trevorJacobs

    This is so true. The more i work, the more i realise that less is more. Good slides are all about parsimony. One killer graph > a whole deck of words and clipart

  2. Aravind

    well said. this is the number one argument i have with my team. the second is whether the slides speaks for itself or definitely needs a voice over.

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