There are many nice things about consulting. . . 

  • Good food, restaurants, and wine
  • New experiences and places
  • New problems to solve, and things to learn
  • People to teach and learn from
  • Getting to know your team, becoming fast friends

In my opinion, the 2 BEST things about consulting are. . . 

Thank you rolling off

“Thank you” 

When your client says thank you for the work you have done. I have received emails, phone calls, and letters thanking me for my work. It’s an amazing sense of fulfillment and purpose. Makes you want to do client service for the rest of your life.

” Rolling off” 

Wrapping up a project and “rolling off” is an awesome feeling. It’s liberation and closure, and the license to let go of the stress. It’s the beauty of project-based work and effective scoping of projects. Smiling and saying good bye.

It’s not a surprise that these 2 things often happen together. You finish a project and the client thanks you, then you roll off. Time for the next project.

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