BP 150/100

By | August 21, 2014

So my blood pressure was WAY high this week.  Lots going on with work – some good, a lot bad.  A big part of consulting is knowing how to deal with stress, lean on team mates, and get grace when you make mistakes. As a friend says, “we are in the business of attracting problems, right?” If clients did not have problems, they would not hire us.

For all those consultants out there, bumping around with customers, creating new consulting services, trying to “put a dent in the universe” and drive change. . . . listen to your body and take good care of your health.  No reason to be a sick hero.

Things that I am reminding myself, being positive:

  • I’ve got good healthcare with my company, time to use it
  • Sometimes a “small bad thing” is preventing a “larger bad thing”
  • Pretty thankful for the health I do have
  • Slowing me down, less frenetic nervous, and more calculation
  • Forcing me to take better care of myself (less booze, less coffee)
  • With troublemakers in my life. . “at least I am not married to them”
  • Need to rely on others, consulting – and life more generally – is not a solo show
  • Want to meditate, pray, and center.  Focus on what’s important

I cancelled a long weekend vacation, so I am get a physical tomorrow.

Consultants, watch your health.

One thought on “BP 150/100

  1. Kim

    A friend sent me a link to this post — it’s so true! “Listen to your body” is one of the best things you can do. It’s like looking at your dashboard and being able to see the gas is low and the check engine light is on. The sooner you listen, notice, and respond, the better it goes.

    Can I offer a tip with meditation? Start small. Here’s a link to my most popular track, it’s just 5-mins: https://soundcloud.com/hellokimnicol/be-curious-and-kind

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