Clearly, some of the best conversations you have with clients are the ones on the way back from meetings. Trust me on this one, when a meeting finishes, ask your client if it is okay to walk them back to their office. Walk and talk.

  • You have their dedicated attention, even if only for 5 minutes
  • It is authentic and personal; it’s how friends and colleagues relate to each other
  • It is often a great follow-up to the meeting you just finished

Often, the key things you want to say to a client are personal, and can easily be conveyed in a few minutes in an informal setting. It does not deserve an email, phone call or a meeting. Walk them back to their office.

A few other ways to have impactful, and brief interactions with clients:

  • Share a coffee or a meal together
  • Offer to help with a simple task (create graph, draft a communication)
  • Send over an analyst report or benchmark study
  • Type up meeting minutes, or interview notes and send over
  • Connect your current client with other people in your network
  • Help them identify and hire talented people


Flickr: Creative Commons, Randy Robertson

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