Tonight I told a client that I believe there are really only 3 things that distinguish high-performing organizations from losers.  Direction, leadership, and trust.

Direction: Too many companies do not know what they are trying to achieve. They rest on their laurels from previous hit products. They acquire new companies. They mimic competitors. They optimize profits to satisfy Wall Street. Basically, they are lost.

Leadership. The average tenure of CEO, CMO etc. is very short.  People are either coming/going in the executive suite, and there is a lack of consistency. People are unsure whether they should really believe in leadership, or whether it is a passing fad. When is the last time you saw real servant leadership?

Trust.  What is the culture? Is there a climate of learning, innovation and tolerance? Are there mentoring moments, and naturally-forming relationships? Are there lots of new hires who were recommended-in by current employees?  Do people know what their responsibilities are. . .or are there numerous approval meetings and silly hierarchy.

Leadership direction trust

Perhaps this sounds naive, but I believe this is true. Know what you are trying to achieve, demonstrate your passion and competence. Have people follow you. Develop a culture of trust, where non-fatal errors are okay. Innovate to a solution. Teamwork.

What is missing in your organization?

  • Direction?
  • Leadership?
  • Trust?

Or something different?

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