I do a fair amount of work in the hotel concierge lounge. Lots of snacks, stimulus, and a nice large marble table to spread-out and work.

Last night, I was the last to leave at 10pm, and this morning I was one of the first in the door at 630am. The concierge person said, “I have been here 6 years, and you work more than anyone else I have seen. You are a workaholic:”

A few thoughts:

  • Sadly, I took a little pride in that statement. Clearly, I am putting in the work.
  • Important to find your good work rhythm and place – where do you work the best? (hotel desk, hotel bed, hotel lobby, Starbucks), when do you work the best (am, pm), how do you work the best (in silence, with Pandora blaring Grateful Dead)
  • Clearly, the Marriott person has not seen McKinsey people burn the mid-night oil; they may not be the most efficient, but they definitely spike high on rigor
  • San Pellegrino is a nice perk, even if I never use the swimming pool
  • It’s not always like that.  The night before, I got 8 full hours of sleep
  • Drucker always asked if you were working smart (effective), or just working hard (efficient).  When people call me a workaholic, Drucker would not be impressed


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