Saving the client $1,300 on Sunday

By | October 26, 2014

Tomorrow, we have 2 workshops, totaling 30 people. It amounts to 1,900 pages of color printing and binding. Since Fedex usually charges 69 cents per color printed page (retail), it comes out to approximately $1,300 in just printing. Cray, cray.

Right thing to do.  I live 4 miles from one of my company’s offices, so I poured my coffee into my 20oz Contigo carrier and went to the office. My wife came along to keep me company. I got my money’s worth out of the color printer seen below.  Poor thing.

printing on sunday

Not glamorous. Did I get my MBA to print copies on Sunday?  No.  Would it have been a deal-breaker if I just got Fedex to do the prints? No. Was it completely worth the time and effort to print at the office, and take the prints to Fedex for binding? Yes.

PS: Told my sister this story and her response. . . bye bye trees. So, the first question might have been – are the prints really necessary for the success of the meeting? Will let you know after tomorrow. . .

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7 thoughts on “Saving the client $1,300 on Sunday

  1. derektarlecki

    I’m slowly converting my clients to two slides per page, double sided. I’d say half are totally fine with it, and it confuses the hell out of the other half :). As much as I’d love to move fully electronic at work (actually managed most of my MBA on an iPad), until we have tech sophisticated enough for me to annotate in the meeting like I do a paper deck, trees will have to deal with it.

    1. consultantsmind Post author

      Yes, also I find that – as consultants – the “deliverable” often takes the form of paper. It is something that feels more permanent, and our clients – tend to be 10-30 years older than we are. Most of them remember growing up in the 60s. Think Mad Men.

      1. derektarlecki

        Definitely see the Mad Men reference, but I’d say in my experience it’s been less about age and more around industry sophistication that determines aversion to new tech. Saying that, I’ve been part of a few cost programs at very ‘old guard’ industries who are keen to save procurement dollars on paper products!

  2. Simon Teale

    Soon (not quite yet), it will be cheaper to give each attendee a pre-loaded tablet computer.

    Better for the attendees, your back and your sister’s sensibilities.

    Not as immediately interactive as scribbling on paper, but maybe you could share your slides / documents using free Google apps to allow the attendees to comment in private or to share their thoughts.

  3. scott

    with a woman who loves and supports you enough to spend Sunday afternoon in your office success is inevitable

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