New Darden dean is ex-McKinsey

By | January 14, 2015

UVA Darden is a strong business school known for its case study method. Like Harvard, UVA uses this method to teach everything from finance to ethics.  Over the course of 2 years, the students have more than 600 cases.  Yes, it’s rigorous.

Darden is known for consulting. Of course, the case method parallels a lot of consulting.  Lots of data and facts which need to be synthesized into hypotheses and potential solutions.  No surprise that 28% of its graduates got into consulting.

Scott Beardsley will be the new Dean of the school after 26 years in management consulting.  Definitely has pedigree – MBA from MIT, editor of the Sloan review, responsible for learning and leadership development at McKinsey. Not shabby.

Great speaker series.  Excellent speakers CEOs and heads of consulting firms.  Some of these are dated, but strong management and leadership is timeless.  The corporate titles were current at the time of the talk. . .they may have different roles now.

  • Co-founder of Coursera, Daphne Koller, 2013 here
  • ScottMadden Consulting, CEO, Brad Kitchens, 2011 here
  • Accentuer, Global Managing Director, Walt Shill, 2010 here
  • Booz & Co, CEO, Shumeet Banerji, 2009 here
  • Chik-Fil-A, CFO, James McCabe, 2008 here

UVA Darden

UVA Darden was always known for consulting.  Now with the new dean, even more so.

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