Know your customer. I was at a team dinner and an artist drew this.  Great story. . .

  • As my buddy and I were talking, we noticed someone was watching us
  • The artist was standing outside the restaurant in 30 degree weather
  • He kept sketching something, and we soon realized it was a picture a few of us
  • Impressed, we waved for him to come inside and draw the rest of the team
  • He sat in the corner and drew this cartoon of 20+ of us in less than 30 minutes

Team CartoonAmazing, right?  Here were my consulting takeaways:

  • Confident in his own skills – started drawing without prompting.  No guarantee of a pay-off.  Just doing good work. Shipping art.
  • Knows this target market.  He was not randomly painting people on the street, instead targeting big corporate dinners at upscale restaurants.
  • Pricing to value.  When asked how much, he said $0-40, whatever you “wanted to pay”.  We loved it.  We paid $60
  • Creates mystery.  He drew this remotely, not interfering with event, sitting as far as 30 feet (10 meters) from the people farthest away.  Some of the attendees did not even know this happened, until I showed it on PowerPoint the next day
  • Delighting us.  When we asked him to put our company name on the bottom of the picture (redacted here), he asked, “which font do you want it in?”  Whoa!
  • Strong brand.  All the servers knew this guy.  He’s been doing this for a while.

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