Business travel in the winter

By | February 24, 2015

Yes, I am currently staffed on the East Coast in February.  #$^@#$ it’s #$%#$^ cold. A few words of wisdom for the newbie consultants traveling to into the cold:

Staying warm

  • Buy some 180s.  They are ear warmers that don’t mess up your great hair
  • Win major points with your team by bringing the car up front and warming it up
  • Wear your heaviest clothes on the plane, find a good place to tuck it away
  • Travel with a Contigo thermos; bring K cups if the client has a Keurig
  • Dress in layers- it is easy to “overheat” in the car or coming in from the cold (LS)


  • Get a larger rental car and load it up with consultants; less sliding on snow
  • Park with your windshield wipers up when it snows; they will get stuck to your car
  • Leave your rollerbag in the garage; don’t drag that dirty thing in your house
  • Carpool – no reason to have 3 rental cars on the road, if you can prevent it
  • Leave the client site while it is still light out; finish up the work at the hotel

Getting home

  • Book the 2nd to last flight home on Thursday.  The last flight is your back-up
  • Check your flight status often; expect delays
  • Be willing to pay the penalty and change flights, don’t get snowed in
  • Stick to airline & hub combinations (e.g., Delta, ATL)
  • Most airlines let you use wifi free to watch movies; Delta Studio here

Looking sharpbusiness travel

  • Mix and match clothes; it won’t all fit in your bag. Re-wear.
  • Bring some portable shoe polish, and leave it at the client
  • Dust the crappy salty snow off your black pants
  • For longer projects, leave some clothes in a hanging bag with the hotel; they don’t mind
  • Use scarves to brighten up
  • Don’t be afraid to go with the “old man” vest look.
  • Wear those partner/principal jackets and turtleneck

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5 thoughts on “Business travel in the winter

  1. rgupta47

    Great tips.. salt on the pants is getting so irritating this time of year!

    Do you think that the turtleneck/jacket gives less credibility to younger consultants as opposed to shirt, tie, jacket/vest?

  2. Lew Sauder

    Great article. A couple of other items: Use a spray protectant on your shoes. You’ll be able to wipe the salt off easier. Also, dress in layers. Going from the cold outside to a warm plane, back to the cold, you can sweat and then freeze. Layers give you options.

  3. Tom

    Wise words of a frequent traveller… I agree to all of this. Except the turtleneck. There is no way around a shirt (and a tie). You can can wear a stylish pullover above your shirt.

    Oh.. and I do honestly hate turtlenecks.

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