Only benefit of window seats – clouds

By | April 9, 2015

For most road-warriors, aisle seats are the way to go. Better in almost every way. They have more leg-room, more freedom of movement, and easier exits.

Today I did discover 1 benefit – clouds.

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5 thoughts on “Only benefit of window seats – clouds

  1. Flying Analyst

    Agreed – aisle is the absolute way to go! Though I always take advantage of the side wall when I get stuck with a window seat – crumple up a sweater as a makeshift pillow and pass out (except in First Class when the seats are too far away from the wall to do that #1stclassproblems).

  2. Carlos Nunez

    I *always* book the window seat. ALWAYS. I try to book a window on the right side of the plane so I can lean my head against the side easily, but I’m fine with the left too.

    Day or night, rain or shine; window seat is my seat.

    It’s slightly inconvenient and using the bathroom is difficult, but flying with a closed window like everyone seems to like doing is way worse.

    1. consultantsmindadmin Post author

      Sounds like Yin and Yang. Window and aisle people really need each other.

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