Today was a rough day. Client disengaged. Technology not working. Long trips with weather delays. Lots of effort to be in a meeting. Not the glamour I expect when consulting. In blackjack terms, today was a 16 on a dealer 10.

ConsultantsMind Blackjack Hand

Want to client to be successful. Don’t get me wrong. I am 70% heart, 15% head, and 15% hand. The heart goes a long way. I am a big believer in the WHY. That said, we cannot “fix adults”.  People are people, and we can only do good work.

Not hard on myself or my team because we did good work on the project.  The fact that the world (i.e., the client) does not fully appreciate it now, is not my fault.  As Seth Godin says, “ship art”.  Yes, we shipped art.  If they can’t appreciate it, or work with it, on some level they don’t deserve it.  So be it.

Forgive yourself and your team.  If you do good work and are proud of what you do, give yourself some grace.  Have a good meal.  Take a walk.  Smile, have a beer.  Live to fight another day.  People remember how you work when you are under pressure.

FYI, I always hit on 16 on a dealer 10.  Pull the 5.

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