Thanks for reading this blog. I have enjoyed your company and comments. Hope you find this stuff – not so boring – and potentially helpful. Some survey results which hint at readers.

As my wife flattered me and also you guys – you have some smart and privileged group of readers. For that I am thankful for you. Keep reading, and I will do my best to keep this useful and interesting. Once it gets boring for you – and for me – I will stop. Until then, keep trucking. Do great work, teach and learn from others, and have fun.

  • 70% are management consultants
  • 54% are grinders, 34% are minders, and 7% are finders
  • 50%+ use excel daily for analysis
  • 67% said a PowerPoint was their last deliverable
  • 59% had not heard of Tableau until reading this blog
  • 83% said that meetings are not useful 50% of the time or more
  • 44% rated their accounting literacy poor, only a 1 or 2 (out of 5 total)
  • 18% rated their relationship with their boss excellent, as a 9 or 10 (out of 10 total)
  • 30% consider themselves good conversationalists, self-assessed as first quartile
  • 42% read The Economist weekly, good job team
  • 77% of your have used UBER
  • 70%+ of you have been to France

If you are not like the other readers . . that is perfectly fine. Trust + diversity is great.

Consultantsmind Are you a consultant survey

Consultantsmind What is your role survey

Consultantsmind How often do you use excel survey

Consultantsmind Last Deliverable survey

Consultantsmind Tableau survey

Consultantsmind What percentage of meetings are useful survey

Consultantsmind Accounting literacy survey

Consultantsmind Relationship with boss survey

Consultantsmind Conversationalist survey

Consultantsmind Economist survey

As with all surveys, caveats apply. The same size is small (usually less than 100 people). The people who respond to surveys are not necessarily the average reader, but instead someone who is engaged . . . willing to “click” on an answer. Nonetheless, I like the profile of my readers and get encouraged from this information. Read on.

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