Travel means more to those who commute by plane. We are whistled in by clients, ready road-warriors, bringing news from far away.  Our time is “valuable”, marked by our bill rates and our inaccessible during travel times and Fridays.

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Travel also means less. We are not enamored by shifting clouds, airport displays of affection, the fun postcard in NYC, or the fancy-looking chocolate at the gift store. We are jaded by hotels, cars, food, and presentations.

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Home is the only constant. Everywhere else during the M-TH travel routine, is some version of NOT HOME. For me, get home. Leave the bag by the door. Shower and a meal. Then – only then – am I not traveling. Only then, am I home.

Married. Goes without saying but marriage is a team sport. If your spouse is not on-board with the consulting lifestyle. If you are apologizing for traveling so much. If your absence is unfair to your partner. You need to re-think this career choice. Teamwork, my friend.

Write postcards when you travel. Take stamps with you. Give them to your team-mates. Tell them to write home as well.  Be like E.T. Phone home.

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Routine is a beautiful thing. As I get older – yes, reaching early forties – creating habits, mini traditions is a fun, quirky, and reliable way to set up your life. Road warriors pack their bags in a specif way, pack the same things, organize their bags the same, honestly, drink their coffee the same way. As President Obama explained why he did not choose the clothes he wears or the food he eats here, “”I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make”

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