I said this to five different people on Friday.”I am sorry”. An overly curt email. Late for a meeting.  Over-stepping bounds, a little disrespectful of the staffing process. Not bringing an extra copy of a document for signing.

Basically, a day of “humble pie”.

My take.  When you are doing good work, important work, moving fast, shaking things up, things will get broken. Did I do any of those things to do harm? No. Was any harm done long term? No. Do I regret some of my actions. Yes, slightly. Am I going to brood on them, no.

I  made 3 of the apologies directly and publically. I will make my rounds on Monday and apologize to 2 more people directly.  Maybe I am superficial, but I find apologizing the fastest, most effective way to move on. I make mistakes. I am sorry.  Let’s trust each other and keep doing good work.

Advice. When you make mistakes (Seth Godin reminds us that we will), just apologize. Simple mistake = simple fix.

As I told a consultant today.  “Take your work seriously, don’t take yourself seriously.” Just say the words. . . Sorry.

Maybe this is zen reflection because I am blogging from a hammock in a state park.

Can hear the creek babbling, see my wife reading. Blogging from a hammock. I need more afternoons like this. Life is good.

I am not sorry about that.

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