Travel folly: Oh #$^#, this is not my room

By | September 22, 2015

Today was a travel day – like most Mondays.  There were two odd things about today.

Good  thing: There was no one sitting next to me on the plane today.  I completely spread out, and put my stuff in the seat next to me.  It felt like business class. #winning.

Consultantsmind - Empty Seat

Bad thing: I left my hotel keys in the room.  After dinner, went to the front desk, told them my name and picked up a set of keys. I do this all the time – I am sure lax about leaving keys here and there. Nice to know the front desk can help you get in your room, right?

The front desk gave me 2 keys and wrote down the fateful room #. Went upstairs, clicked into the room. Walked in, noticed it was dark . . .hmm, I remember leaving the lights on. Keep walking, looking for the light – and I hear some guy groggily making noises, waking up. “Huh?”  “Uh, hmm” “Uh?”

“Oh @#^@, am I in the wrong room?”

Oh, yes. They gave me the keys to the wrong room. I shouted this inappropriately loudly. Half out of sheer surprise, and half our of fear; thinking, the louder I shout, the less likely this guys is going to try and attack me in the dark.

As I scurried back out to the hotel room, I looked back, and in the shadow of light from the hallway . . I could see a pair of sunglasses on the counter (not mine), a pair of black sneakers (not mine). Uh, there were a lot of things in that room, which were not mine.

Lesson learned:  When you are in your room, use that “latch thing” 

Consultantsmind Door latch

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2 thoughts on “Travel folly: Oh #$^#, this is not my room

  1. Matt

    I had this exact thing happen to me, except I was the guy in the room. The hotel staff knew me by name and tried to comp me a night, but after I told them my client was paying, they gave me an equivalent number of points for a free night. They liked that idea better because they didn’t have to report a comped night.

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