For anyone who knows me, I am an avid podcast listener. It is something I will promote to literally everyone I know. The benefits are enormous:

  • Free entertainment
  • Easier than reading
  • Great learning of a variety of topics
  • Exercises your imagination and listening
  • Focuses your ADHD mind
  • Shows you what great story-telling sounds like
  • Gives you stories to share – makes you more interesting
  • You can SUBSCRIBE and they will be loaded automatically to your phone

Planet Money is one of my favorites.  Here are the best ones from the last years.  Free.

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  • Salmon Taboo here: Apparently, the Japanese used to not eat raw salmon – until this Swedish guy convinced them it was safe.
  • Scariest Thing in Hollywood here: The production studio that applies strict rules to making low-budget, high-volume movies – like a VC – and makes a fortune.
  • Hard Work is Irrelevant here: Netflix HR – it’s all about outputs, not inputs.
  • Taxi King here: Uber has disrupted the taxi market – this is the guy who is taking a bath on his huge bet on NY taxi medallions.  Uber is killing this guy.
  • Bottom of the Well here:  Messed-up incentives in California is encouraging. farmers to plant water-intensive crops even though there is a 4 year drought.
  • The Chicken Tax here: Weird legacy tax which links an import tax on foreign pick-up trucks with chicken.  Seriously odd.
  • A Rose on Any Other Day here: Roses are popular on Valentine’s day – not because they are the most beautiful – but because they ship well.
  • The Chocolate Curse here: The world is running out of chocolate.
  • When Women Stopped Coding here: Some ideas on why women stopped coding, and the guys took over computer science.
  • Mall of Two Minimum Wages here: Shopping mall that sits in 2 states, and has 2 different minimum wages – in the same damn building.
  • What’s Your Major here: Unsurprisingly, your wage at graduation is more highly correlated to your major than your university.  A lot more correlated.
  • The Real Price of College here: Nominal college prices are skyrocketing, but honestly, few people pay the full price.  Price discrimination at its best.
  • Is a Stradivarius Just a Violin here: Double blind test to see if these legendary instruments really sounds better.  What is your guess?
  • Inside the Credit Card Black Market here: Amazing behind-the-screens reporting in the “dark web” of thieves.  Fascinating and frightening.
  • What Happens When You Just Give Poor People Money here: Self explanatory.
  • The Most (and Least) Lucrative College Majors here: College grads – listen.

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