Saw this sign at the car mechanic. It covered an entire wall at the place where I changed the oil on my car. It was about 10 feet tall. Big talk on a big wall.

If this the mechanic holds for himself, shouldn’t it be the minimum standard for us professionals – who are billing at $250-$500 an hour? Look and you tell me. . .

Integrity. Of course. Cheating clients is a fools errand. You are poisoning the well you are drinking from. Even if no one knows, you will know. Be a professional.

Friendliness. Yes.  We are change agents. People like us, and give us a chance to build a case, persuade and lead them. You have to be likable.

Pride of workmanship, quality. Yes. Your work is a calling card. It’s your face. The greatest compliment is when people use/re-use your work. Make it great.

Trust, honesty, respect. It’s a relationship business. I have met a few partners who have built their entire career on successful client relationship.

Teamwork. No question. Teaming among consultants and clients.

Continuous improvement. This is bread-and-butter DMAIC process for consultants.

FROM COMMENTS: Benjamin by Tweet brought up this great 5min podcast here from the Financial Times on how ineffective “values” statements can be for a few reasons:

  • No one believes you if it “self-describe” how great you are
  • Ironically, most companies list the same values (respect, innovation)
  • Most of your own employees cannot recite your value statements
  • It only takes a VW scandal to show how your SUSTAINABILITY value is bunk

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