What a tough week for France and the World. 

Why people (terrorists = may not be people) create pain, hurt, death . . . in the name of anything . . . I am not sure. Sadly, it just makes it harder for everyone. Xenophobia spreads. Hurt begets hurt. Terrorism is cowardice. Driven by desperation. Alienation.

So many things from France to admire, enjoy, and celebrate: Descartes. Voltaire. Renoir. Cezanne. Matisse. Gaugin. Degas. Debussy. Brie. Camembert. Comte’. Coq au Vin. Crepes.  French Bread. Salad Nicoise. Croque Monsieur. Eclair. Croissant. Pont Neuf. Coco Chanel. Carla Bruni. Medecins sans Frontieres. Cartier. Hermes. Louis Vuitton. Club Med. Clarins. Versailles. Seine. Rive Gauche. Tour de France.

Everyone on Facebook shows these three colors. 

French Flag

I went to France once, loved it. My wife has been twice. How about you?


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