Been blogging for 3 years and 6 months. Super enjoyed it. As I look back, over 270 blog posts, it’s interesting to see how things turned out. . .

  • Candy Crush – Blogged about the addictive game and its profitable parent company – King Entertainment – here (8/8/15).  Looks like they are being acquired by Activision-Blizzard for $5.8 billion here (11/3/15).
  • Blogged about Pyramid Principle, as an great way to communicate here (8/12/12). Fast Company gave an easy, fun way to understand this concept . . .using a sandwich, meat, and condiment analogy here (5/6/15).
  • Blogged about Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders series here (1/5/13).  Looks like they continue to invite awesome speakers here
  • Blogged about consulting firm acquisitions here (11/1/2013). Looks like Deloitte, Accenture, and McKinsey continue to buy here
  • Blogged about the absurdity of the US national election process of winner-take-all electoral college here (8/23/2012). Smart people disagree with me.  Richard Posner – U of Chicago Law School, Federal Judge thinks there are 5 reasons for this system here.
  • Blogged about Facebook and their potential woes here (5/16/2012), but their earnings are great here and stock keeps rising. Doubled since my first writing.
  • Blogged about the Giving Pledge here (2/5/2013), billionaires who commit to giving away 50% of their assets during their lifetime. The number of people increased did not increase that much. . it stands at 144 people. . but the last one was a doozie – Mark Zuckerberg and his wife announced they will donate 99% of their Facebook shares (currently valued at $45B) to charity here.
  • Blogged about consultants salaries here. From the recent salary survey from Charles Aris, consultants are still making good money here; 2 years out of MBA. . top firms are paying a median of $170K.

Consultantsmind - 270 blog posts

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