Curious what a McKinsey presentation looks like? Please find links to 30+ McKinsey presentations which are publicly available online.  Many of these are from conferences, or governmental / non-profit organizations clients who have chosen to make them available online. Yes, Google is useful.

I selected the ones which as less than 10 years old have more than 15 pages. Have more to say at the bottom of the post, but take a look at a few:

Challenges in Mining: Scarcity or Opportunity? (2015, 2.9Mb, 41pg)

The Five Frames – A Guide to Transformational Change (2011, 4.5Mb, 33pg)

Commercial Payments in Asia-Pacific: Is this the New Opportunity? (2015, 1.1Mb, 40pg)

Addressing the global affordable housing challenge (2016, 3.9Mb, 29pg)

Restoring Economic Health to the North Sea (2015, 1.1Mb, 28pg)

Manufacturing the Future: The Next Era of Global Growth and Innovation (2013, 1.6Mb, 38pg)

How Unconventionals are Changing the Oil and Gas Market (2013, 2Mb, 36pg)

How can companies capture veteran opportunities (2012, 2.4Mb, 46pg) 

The Internet of Things and Big Data: Opportunities for Value Creation (2013, 600K, 17 pages)

Context for Global Growth and Development (2014, 900K, 11pg)

How will Internet of Things, mobile internet, data analytics and cloud transform public services by 2030? (2015, 1.5Mb, 15pg) Turning data into insights (2014, 1.1Mb, 11pg)

Population Segmentation for Integrated Care (2014, 1.4Mb, 16pg)

Assessing the Impact of the Financial and Economic Crisis and Ideas to Enhance Americans’ Retirement Security (2009, 1.2Mb, 22pg)

Perspectives on manufacturing, disruptive technologies, and Industry 4.0 (2014, 1.7Mb, 17pg)

Provision of Business Analysis Services for Qatar Railways Company (2012. 700K 34pg)

From poverty to empowerment MGI INDIA (2014, 900K, 21pg)

The Archipelago Economy: 2015 Outlook and Beyond (2015, 1Mb, 14pg)

Lessons learned from 2014 Open Enrollment Period (2014, 300K,11pg)

Big Data and Advanced Analytics (BDAA) for the Finance function (2014, 1.3Mb, 18pg)

China Energy Demand Perspective (2014, 2.3Mb, 18pg)

Successful Integrated Care Systems (2015, 600K, 15pg)

US Productivity Growth: The Company and Sector Story (2015, 770K, 17pg)

Insurance trends and growth opportunities for Poland (2015, 1.8Mb, 25pg)

What makes private public partnerships work (2011, 1.1Mb, 12pg)

Thinking small to grow big in China (2012, 900K, 20pg)

Boundaryless Hospital – Rethink and Redefine Health Care Management (2014, 2.8Mb, 22pg)

Impact of Research & Innovation on Profitable Growth in Chemicals (2014, 1M, 15pg)

Business plan preparation: Manual for Entrepreneurs (2014, 900K, 76pg)

USPS Future Business Model (2010, 300K, 39pg) Red Team (3.8Mb, 15 pg)

Digital Health intelligence (2014, 600K, 26pg)

TB Diagnostics in India (2011, 700K, 20pg)

Laying the foundation for a sound industry – OECD (2013, 400K, 17pg)

Can the Financial Sector Promote Growth and Stability(2015, 300K, 17pg)

Enhancing the contribution of MSMEs to economic development: main barriers and possible interventions (2011, 800K, 50pg)

A couple of thoughts:

  • In true McKinsey style, there is a lot of analysis and data
  • Titles are written in sentence-form with a “takeaway”
  • Standardized color, font, layout, and kicker-boxes
  • Frameworks to simplify the complex: timelines, value chain, bubble charts, histograms, maturity models, waterfall charts, and ROE analysis
  • Diverse topics ranging from Big data in Mining to Polish insurance
  • Use of experts, quotations, and inferences for more qualitative data
  • Use of large surveys (n=20K+) to create voice of customer data

What is your major takeaway from viewing these presentations?

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