is a great way to filter stocks and generally get smart on specific industries. While there are multiple tools on the website, will focus on something call the screener. As you can see here and below, there are 60+ filters (industry, country, P/E, operating margin, dividend %, beta, EPS growth rate) you can apply to narrow down the universe of publicly-traded companies you want to look at. Basically, it is the type of professional tools that fund managers would pay $_ _ _ , _ _ _ for in the 1990s, available free. Note, this only looks at stocks on NYSE, AMEX, and Nasdaq. A limitation, but still cool.


Question #1: What are the top 3 utilities by market cap?

  • Answer: NEE, DUK, SO here

Question #2: How many European stocks are listed in the US?

  • Answer: 191 companies here

Question #3: How many companies are profitable?

  • Of the 7,000+ companies, less than  2,800 have a positive profit margin here (ouch)

Question #3a: . . . that have a market cap greater than $2 billion?

  • 2,800 (profitable) down to 1,300 ($2B+ market cap) here

Question #3b: . . . that are growing year over year?

  • 1,300 ($2B+ market cap) down to 830 (still growing year-over-year)  here

Question #3c:. . . that pay at least a 2% dividend?

  • 830 (still growing year-over-year) down to 330+ (pays a 2% dividend) here

Question #3d: . . . that are in the industrial goods sector?

  • 330 (pays a 2% dividend) down to 9 (industrial goods) here

Answer: There are 9 industrial goods companies who are $2B+ in market cap, growing year-over-year, profitable, with 2%+ dividend yield:

  • As of 12/1/2016, the stocks are: HI, RSG, CRH, ETN, ITW, LMT, HON, BA, MMM

Answer: These 5 filters reduced the universe of 7,000+ stocks down to 9 here


Question #4 : Which healthcare stocks, greater than $2B in market cap, are profitable, are growing, with a P/E under 15 , with institutional ownership greater than 50%?

Answer #2: 6 companies here (AMGN, GILD, HCA, MNK, UTHR, AKRX)


Geek around with the screen function of and let me know what you find and how you use this on client, research, company projects.

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