I was introduced to the Calendly website by a recruiter. After we emailed a few times, we agreed to have a 20 minutes live conversation by phone. She sent me a link to her calendly schedule, and it was the easiest scheduling I have ever done.

Usually, scheduling stinks.  We have all experienced the email back/forth nonsense.  It often takes more time scheduling a meeting, than the meeting itself.  This is typical painful email exchange . . .

  1. What days are good for you?
  2. How about Tuesday or Wednesday?
  3. Yes, how about Tuesday at 10am or 2pm?
  4. Oh sorry, I have an appointment at 1030am and 230pm.  How about 3pm?
  5. Sorry, not I can’t.  How about next week?
  6. Sure, what time makes sense? How about Wednesday after 12noon?
  7. Okay, can I email you on Monday, see what my schedule looks like next week?

Calendly is a simple calendar setting app.  One person makes a list of dates and times they are available, and other people go there and self-select their time. It’s scheduling a time to take the GMAT, or go to the dentist, just way easier.

It’s free, at first.  It’s a freemium model, so give it a try the next time you need to squeeze in a bunch of individual appointments into the same day. If you only have 1 type of appointment, you can do this for free.  Once your calendar gets more complex, then they charge you.

Freemium models work. So I am currently paying $96 a year for the service because I use multiple types of calendar appointments for multiple days.  Also, I want the added benefit of having the appointments auto-load into my calendar.  Here are some of the appointment slots I set up recently (different days, times, and places).  It is totally worth it.  In the last 6 weeks, I have seamlessly scheduled 20+ meetings.

Our time is valuable.  Peter Drucker often reminds us that meetings are a sign of bad organization.  Limit your meetings, and definitely minimize the time it takes to set them up.

Get key information before the meeting. All consultants know that planning makes meetings successful – so you can ask any questions you have ahead of time (contact information, purpose of the meeting etc).

It looks like they are based in Atlanta and hiring. Check it out here. Believe these guys are doing a simple thing – very well.

Is this the first time you heard of Calendly?

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