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Be likable, be yourself

This post is from 3 years ago, but more relevant than ever. Consultants are likable.  If you are not likable, uh, you have a problem. New comments in red color. Eager to hear your comments on this one. Being likable is a characteristic of all successful consultants. The more people “like” you, the more likely they will listen, interact, and be… Read More »

Business Books – Video Hacks

What business books have you read recently? When I ask this of friends and colleagues, I usually get this guilty look of someone who hasn’t read a book in year. Honestly, who has time to read? After 45 hours of billable work + 15 hours of non-billable work + 15 hours of travel time, who wants to read?… Read More »

Consultants are like physical trainers

Mondays 440am wake up. My wife and I have a love/hate relationship with Mondays and Wednesdays because they start with a 440am alarm. Massive coffee. 515am we are at the gym with a physical trainer. Planks, V-ups, Goblet squats, push-ups, dead-lifts, lunges, you get the idea. Yes, we love the feeling after the workout. You feel… Read More »

Amy Trask: Cold call to internship to CEO, LA Raiders

In 1983, Amy Trask USC (So Cal) law student makes a cold-call to the LA Raiders looking for an internship. Dialogue goes like this: LA Raiders switchboard operator: “What’s an internship?”  Trask quickly replies “I work for you, and you don’t pay me.”  The response: “C’mon down.” After an internship in their legal department, she… Read More »

Swen Nater (UCLA): Train with the best

While reading Coach Wooden and Me (affiliate link), by Kareem Abdul Jabbar, I ran across the story of Swen Nater, who was a first round NBA/ABA draft pick even though he never started, and only play 2 minutes on average per game while at UCLA. Deliberate Practice. Swen did not start out a natural. Apparently, Swen… Read More »

Jigsaw puzzle : Consulting?

It rained last Sunday in Atlanta. Spent a few hours working on a jigsaw puzzle in the kitchen while drinking coffee and eating chocolate. The good life. Get a good puzzle.  Sometimes, you want to do something mindless besides binge-watching Netflix. Yes, yard work is good. A 4 mile run is good. So are old-school, jigsaw puzzles. Easy ones. Attractive… Read More »

Chilling out with The Economist

The Economist has a blog called Graphic Detail, which excels at showing complex ideas simply. Engaging, thoughtful, and often surprising.  Some recent graphs: 1) High blood pressure globally, not just affluent countries here          A recent study in Lancet largely dispels the myth that high blood pressure is a rich country’s problem; it’s prevalent… Read More »

Consultant’s cruise: ocean views

Took a 7 day cruise through the Eastern Caribbean. Highly recommend. So healthy to experience the wide-open ocean for several days. Great perspective – how big the world is, and how thankful we should all be. Enjoy your holidays. Related posts: Consultant’s long weekend – Arizona Loyalty Points: Thank You Client Links

Consulting tip: Listen to Freakonomics Podcast

For those who know me, I am a huge fan of podcasts. Great story-telling and content, delivered for free, wonderful use of your time. If you intellectually curious, travel a lot, and don’t listen to podcasts or audiobooks, uh, I don’t understand you. Made a list of great planet money podcasts here. Freakonomics – created by the same people… Read More »

Consulting travel: Red eye home

Consulting travel. This image tells a story.  Red eye. Business class. The good with the bad. Welcome to consulting. Strange life.  UBER driver #1. On the ride to the airport, I struck up a conversation with my UBER driver, who works at a local casino. After chit-chat about blackjack strategy, he gave me a deck of cards from the casino where… Read More »

Uber is uber

Uber the taxi-technology company started in 2009 as a novelty for its co-founders and friends. Now it has a market valuation of $51 billion, has 1M active drivers, and operates in 330 cities. Read a Fast Company article here which is focused on the founder – Travis Kalanick – and what an intense, contrarian grinder his is. Major drive, early start-up… Read More »

270 blog posts later, how it turns out

Been blogging for 3 years and 6 months. Super enjoyed it. As I look back, over 270 blog posts, it’s interesting to see how things turned out. . . Candy Crush – Blogged about the addictive game and its profitable parent company – King Entertainment – here (8/8/15).  Looks like they are being acquired by Activision-Blizzard for $5.8 billion here… Read More »

Consultants eat well; don’t get fat

Consultants eat well. No question about it. Consultants are foodies. We treat good restaurants like wild game. Find them. Eat there. Of course we cannot, do not go to $$$$ restaurants on our client’s dime, but we do eat at $$ restaurants and expense it. Rarely do you miss a meal when traveling. Breakfast at the airport/hotel, lunch… Read More »

Best 16 podcasts from PLANET MONEY over last 2 years

For anyone who knows me, I am an avid podcast listener. It is something I will promote to literally everyone I know. The benefits are enormous: Free entertainment Easier than reading Great learning of a variety of topics Exercises your imagination and listening Focuses your ADHD mind Shows you what great story-telling sounds like Gives… Read More »

Brainstorming over dinner – 7 (crazy) business ideas

I really enjoy my consulting work . . .and yet, my friends and I spend time in our rental car rides, and dinners talking about business ideas.  Some of my recent ideas: Customized ironing boards.  Women’s clothing is notoriously difficult to iron, and expensive to dry clean.  What if you can order an iron board that was… Read More »

Be different

Working in the hotel lobby – Courtyard Marriott.  No one else is here at midnight except the front desk. Be different. Oh, yes, those 2 Blue Moons are mine too. Related Posts: Direction, leadership, and trust Leadership quotations from Maxwell, Drucker, Roosevelt, and Wooden Links I discovered this website just a few months ago.  The concept is simple, if not remarkable.  It is a market where people offer services starting at $5.  It varies from proof-reading your resume, writing a jingle, sketching something on paper, or even videotaping themselves with your product.  80% of it is silly, but I have… Read More »

Kacy, American Ninja Warrior

We all need motivation. Here is mine for today. Kacy Catanzaro completes the American Ninja Warrior course. Just watch it here. 7 million views and counting. The 7 minutes of crushing athleticism will power you through this work week. Uh, no more words needed. Just watch it here. Clearly this takes deliberate practice, and all of this success if… Read More »

Consulting advice: Gratitude – enjoy the small things

Have some gratitude. There is a lot of research that shows that when you are grateful, you are happier. I firmly believe this, and it applies to everyone, not just consultants. Small things.   Current project has a nice conference room. Nice and sunny, private, air-conditioned well, easy access to key clients – but far enough… Read More »

Consulting commitment: 143am

You cannot be a successful consultant, lawyer, or professional without a sense of commitment. Commitment to the client, commitment to your team, commitment to yourself. It’s driven by a sometimes not-so-healthy fear of failure. In the end, it motivates you and compels to you do better work. It’s 1:43am. I am having wine while concurrently working on… Read More »