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Marshmallow Challenge: What Kindergartners can teach MBAs

Marshmallow challenge

Better PowerPoint: 6 Ways to Make Your Point

Highlight PowerPoint Presentation Consultant Tips

The Pyramid Principle in Consulting

Consulting Logic - Pyramid principle - Structuring Presentations

Why Consultants Love Best Practices 

Best Practices Analogy - Trail

A consultant’s confession: I sometimes use “averages”

What is the average

Consulting Jargon, Slang and Double-speak that drive clients crazy

Cartoon Meeting Jargon

Bain & Co: Management tool and trends 2011 survey

Bain and Co

What is a good excel model?

Excel Levels

Evaluation forms: How consultants evaluate vendors

Evaluation for Temp Services

How consultants interview clients

Interview notes

Accenture video: An advertisement for management consultants

Accenture video

Consulting salary: How much money do consultants make?

McKinsey salary

Consulting PowerPoint Presentations: 4 Steps

How consultants make presentations

College football: Multi-billion industry with great margins

Football Head Coach Salary

What is scope creep?


PwC CEO Survey: This is what 1,300+ global CEOs thought

PWC CEO survey - Consulting blog - Comparison

Nudge: Beware of Default Choices

Nudge Decision Process

Gift from Stanford: 300+ Entreprenurship Videos on eCorner

Stanford eCorner

3 kinds of power: positional, relational and expertise

Types of Power

Bad data: 9 reasons clients often have data problems

 SIPOC: Consulting framework to untangle problems


 Get a MBA?  Pros and Cons

When a MBA makes sense

 7 Key Questions: Who, What, Why, When, Where, How, How Much?

Who What Why When Example

Leadership quotations from Maxwell, Drucker, Roosevelt, and Wooden

Leadership photos 1

Consulting Jargon: Airport Test

DL 1512 Landed 463 Min Delay

 Consulting Skill: How to Build Rapport Quickly

Horseshoe magnet

A process flow to answer the question: Am I am a management consultant?

Am I a management consultant Year 2

Consultantsmind year 2

Consultant, What’s your leverage model?

Too many senior resources

Six Sigma: Use the tools, don’t aim for perfection

Checklist Manifesto

Deloitte: Top 10 Technology Trends

Deloitte 2014 Technology Trends

Management consultants are a diaspora

Economist US and Chinese Diaspora

Business problems are the same, don’t reinvent the wheel

Deliverables folder

Firing your CPA (or consultant or lawyer)

CPA Scorecard

Consulting Ethos: Did you have a a$10,000 day?

Value 2

Consulting advice: enjoy the small things

Krispy Kreme and Paper

Consulting advice: Get smart quickly

Getting Smart

Consulting advice: help your clients save face


Thursdays are get-away days


Scalability: 10 reasons it is hard to  scale


Change management: Start with the Why

Simon Sinek - Start with Why

Kenneth Feinberg: What is a life worth?

Kenneth Feinberg

Opportunity cost: no decision is free

what if

BCG: Six simple rules to manage complexity


Consulting jargon: poka-yoke.  Make your excel idiot-proof.

ANTI Poka-Yoke

Consulting advice: don’t use clip art

No clipart no photos

Ideal consultants are smart, aware, fun, and eager

Smart Consultant

Consulting attitude: Live to fight another day

Pier Bellevue

Consulting advice: Be likable, be yourself


Structuring Problems: Consultants Use Buckets


The Best Short-Answer to Give Clients?  It Depends


If we are what we repeatedly do, consultants are PowerPoint

6 Reasons Consultants are Revision Crazy

Involvement in Project by Role

Consulting late night:  20 reasons a consultant might be up at 2am


Why culture trumps strategy

Culture Trumps Strategy

Presentation Tips from TED’s Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson TED


3 Questions


Benefits of Networking

Consulting is a Team Sport


Why did Detroit go bankrupt?

Detroit 10 Reasons for Bankruptcy

GDP: Americans (over) consume, Chinese (over) invest

US Savings Rate 30 years

What Peter Drucker says about Effective Executives

Peter Drucker Books

Consulting Complaints: First World Problems

Consultant Expenses

The Great Eight: Trillion Dollar Growth Trends (Bain)


Tortoise mind: Let your unconscious do some of the work


Case Interviews: Time to Start Practicing


6 Problems with Teams

Climbing team

McKinsey Solutions: Disruptive Innovation

Consulting Disruption

What is a S-Curve?

Technology Adoption S Curve

You travel too much when you. . .


Two kinds of people: people you like to work with, and those you do not

Bill Cosby

Who has version control?


Resumes are bait

Hierarchy of Resume Goodness

IT Implementation Worst Practices:

Healthcare Dot Gov

10 Reasons Supply Chain is not boring

Supply Chain 1 company

Find the data, put it in excel

Put it in Excel

Finders, Minders, and Grinders

Finders Minders and Grinders

What is ERP?  It is a love/hate relationship.

ERP modules

Frameworks: Distill your thoughts until they are 80 proof

3Cs and 4Ps

Five Superfluous PowerPoint Tips

Align middle

Quora: What is it like to work at McKinsey?


Great consultant vs. good consultant 

Great consultant attributes

LEAN means no waste. TIMWOOD

CTQ with no MUDA

Consulting jargon: What is a deliverable?

what is a deliverable

Peter Drucker said, “Meetings are a symptom of bad organization. The fewer the meetings the better”

Week of Meetings and calls

Consulting advice: if you agree, stop talking

Agreeing violently

Consulting formula: think + write + communicate + revise

think write communicate revise

Consulting Advice: Be Do Say

Be do say

Stop whining, consultants focus on options, not problems

Stop whining

Do you have what you need?

Do you have what you need

Drucker says, “The knowledge worker cannot be supervised”

Drucker help

Don’t be a consulting mailman


Data analysis in 20 minutesstep 8

BCG: List of top 100 emerging market growth companies

BCG challenger to leader framework

Profile of success: Theranos founder, Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes

MOOCs continue to grow, disrupt, and democratize education

Coursea course John Hopkins

Direction, Leadership and Trust

Leadership direction trust

Consulting is about People

Crashing wave

Why 14% of Harvard goes into Consulting

Harvard Crimson

Discussion: Gender equality in consulting

Economist what if female participation rate

Real Estate Gives You Bigger Pockets

1 front small jpg

Competitive Intelligence: 20 Tips

competitive intelligence

Good Interview Advice

CMC wall

Consultants are hired to be the bad guys

Deloitte expenses

US elections, a non-event


Feedback is a gift, get the most out of it 


Consulting Proposals: 12 Common Mistakes

who why what when of proposals

Consulting: Flexibility to Take Vacations


18 Excel Modeling Tips

Excel model quality

Good Consulting Managers Coach

Coaching Environment

Bain: Founder’s Mentality

Bain 2x2 founders mentality

Year-end Reviews

Consulting pyramid performance review


Consulting is an apprenticeship


Madman, architect, carpenter, judge

Madman Architect Carpenter Judge

New Darden dean is ex-McKinsey

UVA Darden

Can you delight your customer like this street artist?

Team Cartoon

If offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask which seat.  Just get on.

dont pick your seat

Consultant, do you have 10,000 hours?

10000 hours

Accounting Literate?

Coursera Wharton Accounting

Difference between balance sheet and income statement

Balance Sheet A L E

Business travel in the winter


Rough Manager Days

Managerial Emotions

Careers after Consulting

Post Management Consulting Jobs

Accenture, “Digital Business Era: Stretch Your Boundaries”

ACN Tech Vision Wordle

“I’ll go [get lunch], I am the cheapest person here”

Starbucks mac and cheese

Consulting Manager: Dictator Mode vs. Democracy Mode 

Consultantsmind Dictator Mode

Idea Fight Club

ConsultantsMind Idea Fight Club

 Collaboration is over-rated

HBR decision architecture biases

Big Design: McKinsey & Company buys Lunar

Consultantsmind McKinsey

What is RACI?

Consultantsmind RACI

If you are proud of your work, give yourself some slack

ConsultantsMind Blackjack Hand

What do consultants do?

Consultantsmind Views

The problem with metrics

Consultantsmind Dashboard - The problem with metrics

Work with people you like and trust

Consultantsmind Career S curve

Mad Men had it right, do the work


Bain & Co: Stop wasting valuable time

Consultantsmind Clock

Corporate Marriage Counseling

Consultantsmind Corporate Marriage Counseling

Accounting is not perfect; the good, the bad, the ugly

ConsultantsMind Accounting is not perfect

Consulting hack: Investor presentations

Consultantsmind King - Logo

CIA hires McKinsey & Co; $10M for reorganization project

Consultantsmind CIA logo

Working at the Hotel

Consultantsmind - Hotel Lobby

 Consultants are serious proofreaders

Consultantsmind Proofreading

What is return on equity (ROE)?

Consultantsmind DuPont Model

 Consulting Tip: Read the Economist

Consultantsmind Economist Logo

Who reads this blog?  10 survey results

Consultantsmind Are you a consultant

Consulting Tip: Ask good questions, publicly

Consultantsmind Ask good questions

What is Accounts Receivable?

Consultantsmind Potential Problems

7 (Crazy) business ideas

Consultantsmind 7 Business Ideas

I am sorry


 McKinsey’s managing partner; failed to make partner twice

Consultantsmind KFC

Consulting tip: don’t read your slides

Consultantsmind When you Read Your Slides

Travel folly: Oh #$^, this is not my room

Consultantsmind Door latch

The best 16 podcasts from PLANET MONEY over the last 2 years

Consultantsmind Planet Money Podcast Logo

Consulting week recap in 16 photos


Consultant’s Motto or Mechanic’s?


BCG: Atlas of Strategy Traps

BCG - Combing the Ocean

Consulting is tribal; pick a tribe

Consultantsmind Pick a Tribe

Consulting confession: I love the white board

Consultantsmind - Use the White Board

Consulting Tip: Excel Formatting Nit Picks

Consultants - Right Align

 Autumn Leaves, New York


Consultants eat well; don’t get fat


Management consulting stocks, quick comparison

Consultants Mind Consulting stocks 2-2

Good day for me, Tableau stock up 20%

Consultantsmind - DATA stock

Without trust, a diversity of opinion is an argument

Sky clouds

Excel tip: how to clean duplicate rows

Consultantsmind - If 2

McKinsey: 20% of CEO’s job can be automated

Consultantsmind Workforce Automation

270 Blog Posts Later, How it Turned Out

Consultantsmind - 270 blog posts


Consultsmind UBER

Consulting templates: visualize what you want to say

Consultantsmind - Current and Future

Self-feedback: How do you feel about your work?

Consultantsmind - Self feedback

Consulting tip: Subscribe to Fast Company

ConsultantsMind - Fast Company

McKinsey Interview: Sheryl Sandberg

Consultantsmind -Sheryl Sandberg

Consulting tip: Use Waze


Consulting tip: Listen to Freakonomics Podcast

Consultantsmind - Freakonomics

Consultant, what are you doing to get retired?

Consultantsmind - Sunset sail

What is depreciation?


McKinsey wins phase 2 of NY Jail project for $7M

Consultantsmind - McKinsey Prison

Whether you are a lion or a gazelle: when the sun comes up, you’d better be running

Consultantsmind - Lion or Gazelle

Profile of Success: Dave Ramsey

Consultantsmind - Dave Ramsey Debt Free Scream

Review: McKinsey- Digital America’s Tale of the “Haves” and “Have Mores”

Consultantsmind - McKinsey Profitability

20 Consulting Travel Essentials


Review of 39pg McKinsey presentation

Consultantsmind - Case for Change

 Pandora – Great music, pretty terrible business

Consultantsmind Pandora

A senior manager’s lament: “That’s what Google is for”

Consultantsmind - Thats what google is for

Rolling Stones in Cuba: Glasnost

Consultantsmind - Rolling Stones in Cuba

What a consultant learns from building a house

Consultantsmind - House Foundation

Rough consulting week: Embrace the suck

Consultantsmind - Embrace the Suck

Consultant’s gripe: US education is a mess

Consultantsmind - Bill Gates

Consultant’s gripe: Why is the US tax code 9,000 pages long?

Consultantsmind - Tax Decoder Cover

What is deliberate practice?

Consultantsmind - Free ThrowConsulting tip: How to make a good survey

Consultantsmind - Savings Survey

BCG: CEO’s New Guide to Transformation

Consultantsmind - BCG

Review: Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2016

Consultantsmind - Deloitte 10 Human Capital themes

Peter Drucker Quotes: Time

Consultantsmind - Effective Executive

Brazil: What management consultants think of Brazil

Consultantsmind - Brazil Yearning for Good Times

Leading by example with data entry?

Consultantsmind - Crazy Data Entry

Consulting tip: Watch videos on LEAN

Consultantsmind - Zero Defects

Sadly, 17 Email tips

Consultantsmind - Email Tip

World’s worst question: Are you sure?

Consultantsmind - Worlds Worst Question

Time Quotes from Tolstoy, Jobs, Wooden, Buffet, Dickinson

Consultantsmind - Quotes on Time

Invest time in people, experiences, assets, and writing

Consultantsmind - Invest your time

Are Emotions Contagious in the Workplace?

Consultantsmind - Workplace Therapist

Morgan Stanley – expect slower and lower global growth

Consultantsmind - Ruchir Sharma

Review: BCG 2016 Global Challengers

Consultantsmind - BCG global challengers 1500 193 19

Review: PWC Global 100 Software Leaders

Consultants - Software Cloud Revenue

Billionaires part 1: The Good

Consultantsmind - Good Billionaires

Billionaires part 1: The Bad

Consultantsmind - Bad Billionaires

Review: BCG 2016 M&A Report

BCG - Growth matrix

Case interview advice from Bain


Corporate training: $70 billion largely wasted?


Consulting basics: What is a SOW?


Bain: Founder’s Mentality


Retirement Tip: Rental Properties 101


Career tip: What is an informational interview?


Grit matters more than talent


There is no substitute for work – Vince Lombardi


Trust without clear expectations = fail


Consulting Tip: Minto’s Pyramid Principle


What is FOMO?


Consulting tip: study charts, tables and graphs


Anti-FOMO book: The ONE Thing, Gary Keller and Jay Papasan


McKinsey: How big is the gig economy?


McKinsey Report: Thriving in the New Abnormal (North America Asset Management)


How I Built This Podcast – BC and Beer


Slideology 1: Making bad slides is easy, and it will negatively impact your career – Duarte


 Slideology 2: Use diagrams to tell stories


Slideology 3: Designing effective slides


Bain & Co: Guide to Thanksgiving


Consulting tip: How to Roll off a project


Consulting Tool: Finviz #1: How to Screen Stocks


Consulting Tip: PowerPoint Sniff Test


McKinsey’s $125B savings plan for the Pentagon, Ignored


Consultant’s cruise: ocean views


Consulting tip: never eat alone


“Make Now the primary focus of your life.” – Eckhart Tolle


How to start a new job

Metacognition: Thinking about thinking

Intellectual curiosity is fuel for your career

Who is Peter Thiel?

Chilling out with The Economist


Top-tier consulting compensation = good coin

Geek out. Become the mini-expert

Consulting tip: how to make decks for other people

Sample size: What is your n?

What is Calendly?

McKinsey: Testing your strategy

Consulting tip: Blogging

Consulting tip: Read the Snapchat prospectus

Bain: Global Private Equity Report 2017

Bill, Melinda, Warren

Word Choice

Who is Ray Dalio?

Anti-example: 10 bad charts

Important, Not Urgent

30+ McKinsey Presentations

BCG: Loose dogs in Dallas

Drucker, “The question that faces the strategic decision maker. . . “


Get staffed: Don’t become consultant inventory

What is gap analysis?

Jigsaw Puzzle : Consulting?

Reid Hoffman: 3 Types of CEOs

25 Great podcast interviews

HBR: Guidelines to authors (and consultants)

Change Management: Head + Heart + Hand

Obvious and True: Fathers Matter

What is the Peter Principle?

BCG: The Digital Marketing Revolution Has Only Just Begun

Career Tip: Focus on the Short and Long-Term

What is Hypothesis-based Consulting?

Life of a Project: Up,up, down, down

McKinsey Quarterly: Perils of Bad Strategy

False Equivalence: Washington Post vs. Washington Times

Swen Nater (UCLA): Train with the best

Implementation Takes Guts

Watch this: The Defiant Ones (HBO)

BMI: Bureaucracy Mass Index?

Amy Trask: Cold call to internship to CEO, LA Raiders

Saying “Yes” to Clients Can Get You in Trouble

Exceeding Expectations

Career opportunity: Swing like Tarzan


Consultants are like physical trainers

Strong Opinions, Loosely Held

“If you want something done, give it to someone busy.

Business Books – Video Hacks

Case Interview Season Begins

Richard Thaler, Nudge, Nobel Prize

Are we less willing to listen to experts who disagree with our world view?

What is the Elephant Chart?

What is Post-Merger Integration

Jargon: Wall of Worry

What are Case Competitions?

Visual Capitalist: Great Infographics

BCG Presentations: A Baker’s Dozen


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