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Bain: Global private equity report 2017

Bain published its 2017 Global Private Equity Report here. For those interested in private equity (who isn’t?), this is a simple and easy read. The PE business continues to do well (fund-raising, exits, returns), with two big caveats: the NAV of funds is going down and assets are getting pricier. As a simple and graphical way to… Read More »

Bain: Founder’s Mentality

Founder’s Mentality is a simple and elegant framework from Bain that describes how companies lose their way as they grow. The path from start-up to global juggernaut is not a straight line and Bain research shows that only 1 in 9 companies show sustainable growth for 10+ years. They call it the growth paradox – growth creates complexity and complexity kills growth. As consultants – I… Read More »

Case interview advice from Bain

It’s consulting interview season which means well-groomed MBAs are sitting across small tables with consulting firm partners and senior managers in something called a case interview. For those readers from consulting firms – you know this fire drill – and probably remember it fondly like Marines who remember “hell week”. Case interview advice. For those in the throes of case interview for full-time… Read More »

Corporate lifecycles and Bain’s Founder’s Mentality

Founder’s Mentality. I was first introduced to the concept of company life-cycles in 1997.  Working for a US manufacturer overseas, our President hired a consultant by the name of Adizes to take us through a 2 day workshop to understand the potential growing pains our company would go through over the next 10 years.  A lot of… Read More »

Why 14% of Harvard goes into Consulting

I recently read a 4,300 word article in the Harvard Crimson school newspaper that helps to explain why more than 14% of the Harvard graduating class goes into management consulting.  If you are interested in understanding the psyche of young top talent that goes from Harvard into the Big 3 or Big 4 consulting firms… Read More »

The Great Eight: Trillion Dollar Growth Trends (Bain)

Bain & Company is known for big thinking. This 44 page report is no exception.  Bain reviews eight global trends that will each generate a $ trillion+ of growth. Trillion with a T. Look at the concepts below, and you can see this big-think, Alvin Toffler-type thinking.  It’s written in a fairly straight-forward way and pretty… Read More »

Management Consulting Outlook: To the brainy, the spoils (Economist 5/11/13)

Management consulting is doing well. The Economist posted this chart last week which shows that McKinsey, Bain, and BCG all grew by double digits in 2011. The data is a year old, but the revenue trend is clearly up. Bain grew by 17% YoY.  The consulting outlook is good. Companies are hiring. You know there is a… Read More »

Consulting Salary: How much money do consultants make?

Management consultants make good money.  They should not complain. If you look at the 2014 MBA graduation statistics of Harvard, Kellogg, Virginia, or Duke, you will see newly minted MBAs making about $135K + $25K of signing bonus if they go into consulting.  It is no wonder that it is one of the chosen careers of… Read More »

Bain & Co: Management tool and trends 2011 survey

Bain & Co conducts a survey every few years on how executives use management tools. Unsurprisingly, these are the exact tools that management consultants often use when coaching, prodding, and helping executive think about their business. If you want to learn more about any of the following 25 management tools, please download the Bain &… Read More »