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False equivalence: Washington Post vs. Washington Times

These two newspapers are not the same. Similar name, both based in Washington. That’s where the similarities end. You hear people quoting these interchangeably. Not good. Washington Post. Founded in 1877. Home of Woodward and Bernstein (Exposing Watergate). Circulation of 474,000+ (2013).  47 Pulitzer prizes. Washington Times. Founded in 1982 by the Unification Church. Circulation of 59,000+… Read More »

Opportunity cost: no decision is free

Opportunity cost = what if?  I first learned about opportunity cost in college. It was a radical idea for me at the time, and frankly, clients and consultants probably don’t think about it enough. The idea is simple, but powerful; resources you plan to spend (whether time or money) can be spent on other things. It asks… Read More »