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Best practice: A tool or a crutch?

I wrote this post 5 years ago.  It is still true today.  Management consultants use the phrase “best practice” often.  Perhaps too often. You will see that magical phrase mentioned numerous times in white papers and research on these websites: Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte, PWC and Accenture.  A few pictures that help explain why a best practice can be so… Read More »

Good day for me, Tableau stock up 20%

I am a terrible stock-picker.  Trust me, my portfolio returns lag the general market. If you read about a stock on this consulting blog – just look the other way. I am writing about it because management consultants need to understand how the capital markets, annual reports, investor relations presentations, and investment research work. If you can learn a… Read More »

Consultants are hired to be the bad guys

Sometimes the consultants are the bad guys: People hire consultants for many reasons, one of which, is to be the bad guys. Look at this article about how Deloitte is helping some of Iowa’s public universities cut costs here. Consultants usually stay behind the scenes. This is surprising in the sense that consulting firms like… Read More »

Deloitte: Top 10 Technology Trends, 2014

Deloitte published its 5th annual Top 10 technology trends recently here. It’s 137 pages, but very readable. Deloitte included lots of client interviews and real-life examples. They kept the consulting-y talk to a minimum. Thank you. Even if you don’t specialize in technology (I don’t), it’s important to stay “in-the-know” and relevant. As I tell… Read More »

Management consulting mergers: PWC buys Booz & Co

Mergers: Earlier this year Deloitte acquired Monitor. Now PWC is picking up Booz&Co for what some believe will be 1x sales at approximately $1 billion. PWC got PRTM 2 years ago. Towers Perrin & Watson Wyatt merged in 2009. Six reasons this trend will continue: Growth: The consulting model is built on growth.  Everything from promotions… Read More »

Management Consulting Outlook: To the brainy, the spoils (Economist 5/11/13)

Management consulting is doing well. The Economist posted this chart last week which shows that McKinsey, Bain, and BCG all grew by double digits in 2011. The data is a year old, but the revenue trend is clearly up. Bain grew by 17% YoY.  The consulting outlook is good. Companies are hiring. You know there is a… Read More »

Monitor Group files for bankruptcy

Yes, management consulting firms go bankrupt. The Monitor Group filed for bankruptcy and will be acquired by Deloitte Consulting. Monitor was a top-shelf strategy consulting firm often mentioned in the same league as the big 3 (McKinsey, Bain, BCG) and other boutique strategy firms. It was the type of firm that MBAs aspired to work… Read More »

Consultant’s Tool: What is a maturity model?

Management consultants are always looking for ugly problems and broken things to fix. After all, we only get paid when we uncover difficult problems and fix them. Clients do not always know what is wrong What really surprises me is that many clients have trouble explaining what is exactly wrong and what they want done.… Read More »

Why consultants love best practices

Management consultants use the phrase “best practices” often. Perhaps too often. You will see that magical phrase mentioned numerous times in white papers and research on these websites: Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte, PWC and Accenture. A few pictures that help explain why best practices are so popular with consultants and clients. Best practices are like good… Read More »