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Pandora – great music, pretty terrible business

I listen to Pandora every day. On my computer, on my Roku, on my Amazon Echo, in my car, basically everywhere. It’s also a fun short-hand way to ask people what they listen to. My buddy turned me on to Carla Bruni, and it’s my “go-to” station. Yes, the ads are annoying, but not bad enough… Read More »

Consulting hack: Investor relations presentations

Candy Crush. So last night, my wife and I were playing Candy Crush on 3 different devices. Yes, it is a big part of our recreation life.  Sad and funny. So which wretched company created this time-sucking game? King Entertainment is publicly traded under the ticker symbol of KING (nice). Looking at their investor relations presentations here, you get a good summary.… Read More »

Misleading Graph #1: Starbucks Investor Presentation

Charts can mislead. In most cases, it’s accidental. Perhaps someone was over-eager to show good results, or maybe, just did a sloppy job of formatting. Whatever the cause, it’s bad mojo to put together analyses or charts that mislead. Here are some bad examples from Starbucks’ recently investor conference. You can see all the slides here.… Read More »