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Corporate training: $70 billion largely wasted?

Corporate learning and development is a huge market. Training magazine estimates here that it is approximately $70 billion annually for companies with more than 100 employees.  While that is a huge number, it feels about right. All of this training takes the form of L&D headcount, outside consultants, training tools, travel, and other education spending. They estimate… Read More »

Review: Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2016

Deloitte 2016 Global Human Capital Trends was released here (5.6Mb). It is a 124 page manifesto of well-organized thinking on how the workplace is changing, what employees want, and how the old way of thinking about human resource (read: people) just does not work. In real consulting style, the survey is rigorous – interviews and surveys of more… Read More »

Best 16 podcasts from PLANET MONEY over last 2 years

For anyone who knows me, I am an avid podcast listener. It is something I will promote to literally everyone I know. The benefits are enormous: Free entertainment Easier than reading Great learning of a variety of topics Exercises your imagination and listening Focuses your ADHD mind Shows you what great story-telling sounds like Gives… Read More »

Difference between balance sheet and income statement

For 80% of you, this is so basic that you just “rolled your eyes”.  Completely understand. If one of my team asked me this, I would not be happy.  I would be scared. In a quick survey from my last post, looks like 1/3 of us don’t feel that confident with our accounting literacy.  That’s okay, but let’s not make this an… Read More »

Accounting literate?

Consultants are not accountants.  Yes, there are a lot of consultants who work at the big 4 (Deloitte, E&Y, KPMG, PWC), but they are not accountants.  If you ask them to balance credits and debits on a ledger, they will look at you like a confused dog.  Yes, we took financial accounting.  Yes, we can read income… Read More »

Consultant, do you have 10,000 hours?

Malcolm Gladwell argues in Outliers here that you really don’t start to excel at something until you put in the requisite blood, sweat and tears . . . or 10,000 hours of focused energy. Yes, the Beatles were brilliant, but they also toiled at their craft in hundreds of small German bars in the early 1960s.  Without sacrifice,… Read More »

Consulting is an apprenticeship

Management consulting uses an apprenticeship model where the master coaches the apprentice on the skills and methods of the craft.  Same is true in law, accounting, other professional services.  Yes, I am sure that many consulting skills can be taught in books, through courses, or perhaps through trial-and-error.  I would argue that the real learning happens in-person,… Read More »

Good consulting managers coach

I love coaching.  It is one of the most meaningful parts of this consulting job. Sometimes I am more focused on coaching the junior resources than the client. Probably not a good mindset, but that is the part of the job that I get excited about. I am not a certified coach.  No one pays… Read More »

Consulting secret: stories and storytelling

This week I went out to dinner with team mates twice. On each night, I heard inspirational stories from my team mates – 1 personal and 1 professional – that really made me think deeply about how I am living my life. One story was about friendship; staying friends and keeping a beautiful tradition for… Read More »

Meeting minutes: 8 good reasons to write up those notes

Meeting minutes are not boring. Most people see this as a bureaucratic habit straight out of Mad Men, where Joan is typing notes at an old typewriter. I disagree 1. Notes show effort.  At the very minimum, it shows good follow-through and commitment.  While others are barely paying attention in the meeting, and promptly forgetting what was… Read More »

Stop whining, consultants focus on options, not problems

I listened to a lot of whining this week. It was partly sad, partly frustrating. New consultants – unaware of what we really do – have a list of reasons why it is hard: I can’t get the data, so that’s why I am behind I sent an email; don’t know why they won’t answer ABC told… Read More »