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Brazil: What do management consultants say about Brazil?

What’s going on in Brazil? Yes, the Olympics. But also an economic recession/depression. According to the Economist, this is the biggest economic slump since the 1930s here. This is a problem. GDP falling. Look at the GDP growth rate over the last few years.  Clearly you don’t have to be an economist to see that the economy is… Read More »

Olympic Trivia

In the spirit of the Olympics, four graphs courtesy of the Economist blog. 1.The types of Olympic games have changed over the years. The Olympics had 26 events in London, but that has not always been the case. As recently as Beijing 2008, there were 28 events.  Well what are some of the events that went… Read More »

A consultant’s view of 40 Years of Olympics Data (1972-2008)

The Olympics are a wonder. At a macro-level, it is a family get-together of 200+ nations where all the international relations and the geopolitical clatter is replaced with sports. It’s a rare opportunity where xenophobia, racial stereotypes, and hatred are not accepted. At an individual level, it is hundreds of individual stories of ambition, sacrifice,… Read More »