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BCG: Nine trends shaping Tech M&A

The BCG 2017 M&A report has a great subtitle here (3Mb pdf) called the Technology Takeover.  BCG notes that 30% of 2016 M&A involved the acquisition of technology companies (no surprise), of which 70% were from outside the technology sector (surprise). In sum, every industry is rapidly acquiring, morphing, and becoming technology companies. BCG goes one step… Read More »

Bain: Global private equity report 2017

Bain published its 2017 Global Private Equity Report here. For those interested in private equity (who isn’t?), this is a simple and easy read. The PE business continues to do well (fund-raising, exits, returns), with two big caveats: the NAV of funds is going down and assets are getting pricier. As a simple and graphical way to… Read More »

Review: BCG 2016 M&A Report

2015 was a blockbuster M&A year. Lot of big name deals as companies re-position themselves and push for growth in a slow-growth, low-interest rate environment. Good times for investment bankers and due diligence big 4 firms. BCG 2016 M&A report here. 2016 has slowed down. BCG notes that 1H 2016 is down 27% YoY, but still flat compared to 10-year average. Remember, this… Read More »

Bad News for Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH)

Booz Allen Hamilton is a reputable consulting firm, well-known for it’s deep relationship with the US government. As the news reminds us, it has not been a good week for BAH. One of its employees, Edward Snowden, admitted to leaking national security documents to the press.  Regardless of how you feel about his libertarian views,… Read More »