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Word choice

Clearly, eloquence has many parts – content, structure, conviction, tone, pacing, empathy, and word choice. Ah, words. Let’s not forget the words. Word inflation. Seems like we are bombarded with words constantly – most of them advertising or loose “pseudo-news”. The endless stream of facebook / linkedin “forwards” and “likes”.  So many words for such limited and often… Read More »

Consulting tip: Ask good questions, publicly

Consultants ask great questions. Peter Drucker famously said, that “My greatest strength as a consultant is to be ignorant and ask a few questions.”  BOOM. Today I was in a big corporate meeting of 60+ people. Big titles, regional heads, leaders of businesses. The purpose of the meeting was the educate, gain alignment on a new organization and rally… Read More »

Presentation Tips from TED’s Chris Anderson

Have you seen a TED video? If not, you should stop reading this blog right now. Instead, go to  www.TED.com and watch any of the 1,400+ videos. They are all less than 18 minutes long and completely worth your time. Very thought-provoking. For those who watch TED, we can all agree that those people know… Read More »

What consultants can learn from improv theater

Went to improv last Saturday night, had a a great time and laughed a lot. It made me think: What can consultants learn from improv? My first reaction to the question was dismissive. After all, improv is about entertaining the audience, making things up, and generally “winging it.” Nothing like the well-choreographed meetings and formal… Read More »

Gift from Stanford: 300+ Entreprenurship Videos on eCorner

Stanford is the epicenter of engineering and venture capital, so it is no surprise they have a large Rolodex of alumni and friends who come speak on campus. In an 2011 survey, it was determined that 39K+ companies can trace their roots to the school. If those companies formed a country, it would have the… Read More »

The Pyramid Principle in Consulting

Consultants must structure their thinking. This is the only way to present your ideas clearly to clients.  One excellent tool is the pyramid principle by an ex-McKinsey consultant by the name of Barbara Minto.   She authored a book called The Minto Pyramid Principle here (affiliate link) which essentially defined the way consultants structure most of their presentations. … Read More »

Pauses: A consultant’s public speaking tip

Good speakers pause. After they finish one thought, they don’t rush to the next sentence. They don’t rattle off useless verbal fillers (uh, ah, um, well, so, right, hmm).  Instead, they embrace that millisecond of silence, harness the awkwardness, and force the listener to pay attention. Many people call it the pregnant pause. In 2008,… Read More »