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Chilling out with The Economist

The Economist has a blog called Graphic Detail, which excels at showing complex ideas simply. Engaging, thoughtful, and often surprising.  Some recent graphs: 1) High blood pressure globally, not just affluent countries here          A recent study in Lancet largely dispels the myth that high blood pressure is a rich country’s problem; it’s prevalent… Read More »

Brazil: What do management consultants say about Brazil?

What’s going on in Brazil? Yes, the Olympics. But also an economic recession/depression. According to the Economist, this is the biggest economic slump since the 1930s here. This is a problem. GDP falling. Look at the GDP growth rate over the last few years.  Clearly you don’t have to be an economist to see that the economy is… Read More »

Consulting hack: Investor relations presentations

Candy Crush. So last night, my wife and I were playing Candy Crush on 3 different devices. Yes, it is a big part of our recreation life.  Sad and funny. So which wretched company created this time-sucking game? King Entertainment is publicly traded under the ticker symbol of KING (nice). Looking at their investor relations presentations here, you get a good summary.… Read More »