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Tuckman: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing

This is a classic framework that Professor Bruce Tuckman developed in the 1960s that describes how groups operate. It’s a linear process that all groups go through to some extent. Forming (people join the team), Storming (often there can be differences in work styles), Norming (group reaches agreement on goals, and mutual accountability), Performing (real… Read More »

Jigsaw puzzle : Consulting?

It rained last Sunday in Atlanta. Spent a few hours working on a jigsaw puzzle in the kitchen while drinking coffee and eating chocolate. The good life. Get a good puzzle.  Sometimes, you want to do something mindless besides binge-watching Netflix. Yes, yard work is good. A 4 mile run is good. So are old-school, jigsaw puzzles. Easy ones. Attractive… Read More »

Consulting attitude: Live to fight another day

It was a tough week. For all of my positive energy, pro-client attitude, and traveler’s stoicism, this week completely ran me over. Meetings going awry, data being wrong, unmet expectations, mis-communication among the team, cancelled flights, false accusations, 3am data crunching that does not work, re-scheduled client meetings, the list goes on and on. At one point,… Read More »

Consulting tip: Eustress on the consulting project

Management consulting is a stressful job. Traveling in a middle seat. Creating presentations from an empty, white PowerPoint template. Working with a new team. Meeting new clients. Learning on the job. Crunching data in a hotel room.  Harness the Eustress on the consulting project. Dr. Hans Selye (1907-1982) was a pioneer in the field of researching… Read More »

6 reasons why consultants are revision crazy

Consultants are constantly revising their work. Yes, the end product tends to be high-quality because a lot of smart people have spent A LOT of time on it. Looking at recent files saved on my laptop, I see some with pretty absurd file titles like: ABC_phase 1_02082013 10pm EST.ppt (with a date, time and time zone)… Read More »