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BCG: Nine trends shaping Tech M&A

The BCG 2017 M&A report has a great subtitle here (3Mb pdf) called the Technology Takeover.  BCG notes that 30% of 2016 M&A involved the acquisition of technology companies (no surprise), of which 70% were from outside the technology sector (surprise). In sum, every industry is rapidly acquiring, morphing, and becoming technology companies. BCG goes one step… Read More »

Who is Peter Thiel?

On Wikipedia you will quickly find that Peter Thiel is the founder of Paypal, the first investor in Facebook, and has a net worth is $2.5B+. Oddly, those three facts are the least interesting parts of his story, point of view, and personna. Recently wrote Zero to One here (affiliate link). Super contrarian – Thiel is… Read More »

Review: McKinsey- Digital America’s Tale of the “Haves” and “Have Mores”

McKinsey published a 120 page report on the digitization of America here (2.6Mb). Some critics might argue the two main arguments are a bit obvious: 1) digitization drives productivity and 2) those gains are shared uneven across industries, companies, and people. It is a story of the digital divide – the “haves” and the “have mores”. On the surface… Read More »

Accenture, “Digital Business Era: Stretch Your Boundaries”

Accenture had a good week.  Their stock hit a 16 year high, as they boosted their forecast for both revenues and profits.  Go A-C-N.   While looking for their quarterly investor presentation, I stumbled on something entirely more interesting. Digital Business Era: Stretch Your Boundaries here.  This report is thought-provoking and relevant to all management… Read More »

What is ERP? It’s a love hate relationship

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning (pronounced “E-R-P”) and anyone working in a Fortune 500 knows what this is. Many people use it daily at work. Quite simply, it is the software backbone that runs most large businesses. In the early days of computing, there was thousands of different programs tailored to each department and much… Read More »

Gift from Stanford: 300+ Entreprenurship Videos on eCorner

Stanford is the epicenter of engineering and venture capital, so it is no surprise they have a large Rolodex of alumni and friends who come speak on campus. In an 2011 survey, it was determined that 39K+ companies can trace their roots to the school. If those companies formed a country, it would have the… Read More »