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Rolling Stones in Cuba: Glasnost

Written 07/08/2016 Looks like 8 airlines were given clearance to fly to Cuba here. Written 03/26/2016 Cuba Glasnost. This is HUGE news for the US, Cuba, and the world. The United States severed diplomatic ties with Cuba and had a trade embargo for 50+ years. While only symbolic, President Obama’s visit and the concert by the once-banned,… Read More »

Consulting travel: Red eye home

Consulting travel. This image tells a story.  Red eye. Business class. The good with the bad. Welcome to consulting. Strange life.  UBER driver #1. On the ride to the airport, I struck up a conversation with my UBER driver, who works at a local casino. After chit-chat about blackjack strategy, he gave me a deck of cards from the casino where… Read More »

Be different

Working in the hotel lobby – Courtyard Marriott.  No one else is here at midnight except the front desk. Be different. Oh, yes, those 2 Blue Moons are mine too. Related Posts: Direction, leadership, and trust Leadership quotations from Maxwell, Drucker, Roosevelt, and Wooden Links

Consultant complaints = first world problems

We all complain. Anyone used to living the good life – yes, including consultants – can find things to be unhappy about, even in the best of circumstances. It’s human nature. It’s first world problems. We should be grateful. It’s my observation that most of the things that consultants complain about are inconveniences, not problems. Annoyances.… Read More »

Loyalty Points: Thank You Client

Consulting travel is brutal, but one of the benefits is loyalty points. We can thank our clients for the silver, gold, diamond, and platinum status we have with airlines and hotels.  Good ole’ Marriott loyalty points. Some places my wife and I visited using mileage: Toronto, Disney World,  Seattle, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Washington D.C., and Hawaii. … Read More »