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20+ Consulting travel essentials

I travel a lot.  Like most management consultants, I am a road warrior. According to Marriott.com, I have stayed 152 nights last year. Perhaps 10% of that is from my wife who also uses my rewards number, but needless to say, lots of hotel, plane, car. Funny sidebar – a friend was NOT traveling one… Read More »

Consulting tip: Use Waze

I am a huge fan of Waze. For those who have not used it, it’s a basic map app which tells you the most efficient route to your destination, which factors in traffic and construction. This simple 45 second video will give you a good taste for it here. For those who feel this is similar to Google… Read More »

Consulting travel: Red eye home

Consulting travel. This image tells a story.  Red eye. Business class. The good with the bad. Welcome to consulting. Strange life.  UBER driver #1. On the ride to the airport, I struck up a conversation with my UBER driver, who works at a local casino. After chit-chat about blackjack strategy, he gave me a deck of cards from the casino where… Read More »

Consulting poll: Have you been to France?

What a tough week for France and the World.  Why people (terrorists = may not be people) create pain, hurt, death . . . in the name of anything . . . I am not sure. Sadly, it just makes it harder for everyone. Xenophobia spreads. Hurt begets hurt. Terrorism is cowardice. Driven by desperation. Alienation. So many… Read More »

Autumn leaves, New York 

Worked like a dog this week. Got a $284 speeding ticket. Need some changes in the working team. However, life is still good. Check out these leaves from New York, where the client site is. Enjoy.           

Consulting week recap in 16 photos

Photos capture a lot.  Busy week shown in photos. Two projects and alternate travel today to the west coast. Good times. The collage app is called photogrid here. Guns and Roses and Queen on Pandora while waiting for security. Super long lines, but bearable with music and a good attitude. My stations vary from the… Read More »

Travel folly: Oh #$^#, this is not my room

Today was a travel day – like most Mondays.  There were two odd things about today. Good  thing: There was no one sitting next to me on the plane today.  I completely spread out, and put my stuff in the seat next to me.  It felt like business class. #winning. Bad thing: I left my hotel… Read More »

Consultant 6am flight home: 3 photos

Travel means more to those who commute by plane. We are whistled in by clients, ready road-warriors, bringing news from far away.  Our time is “valuable”, marked by our bill rates and our inaccessible during travel times and Fridays. Travel also means less. We are not enamored by shifting clouds, airport displays of affection, the… Read More »

Working at the Hotel

It’s 1am and I am working on a proposal due this Friday from the hotel lobby. It has to go through multiple reviews, so I would be wise to get it 80% finished tonight.  Oy Vey. Walking around the hotel – to wake myself up – this is what I see. Hope you enjoy this visual… Read More »

Consulting hack: Free movies on Delta Studio

I have flown Delta for 15 years, but just recently discovered Delta Studio.  For those who don’t know, you can watch free movies and TV shows using GoGo Inflight Wi-fi. Phone: Download GoGo app.  Connect to wifi, open app.  Click of Delta Studio. Laptop: Connect to wifi, open up the Internet Explorer.  Click of Delta Studio. If… Read More »

Be different

Working in the hotel lobby – Courtyard Marriott.  No one else is here at midnight except the front desk. Be different. Oh, yes, those 2 Blue Moons are mine too. Related Posts: Direction, leadership, and trust Leadership quotations from Maxwell, Drucker, Roosevelt, and Wooden Links

Business travel in the winter

Yes, I am currently staffed on the East Coast in February.  #$^@#$ it’s #$%#$^ cold. A few words of wisdom for the newbie consultants traveling to into the cold: Staying warm Buy some 180s.  They are ear warmers that don’t mess up your great hair Win major points with your team by bringing the car up front… Read More »

Thursdays are get-away days

Get-away day. My friends and I joke that Thursdays are get-away days. You have been at the client for 4 days, slept in a hotel room for 3 nights. Too much restaurant food, and it’s time to go home and get your life in order on Friday. On Thursday many management consultants are traveling. Those who are… Read More »

You travel too much when you . . .

Management consulting = business travel. No way around it. If you don’t like business travel, you will hate consulting. Here are some things I have experienced. Know your airline frequent flyer number, but not your mom’s phone number Take too much pride in the type of roller bag you have Drive 30 miles out of… Read More »

Consultant complaints = first world problems

We all complain. Anyone used to living the good life – yes, including consultants – can find things to be unhappy about, even in the best of circumstances. It’s human nature. It’s first world problems. We should be grateful. It’s my observation that most of the things that consultants complain about are inconveniences, not problems. Annoyances.… Read More »

Consulting travel

Traveling is an ugly part of consulting. No pretty way to say this, but traveling can be a bummer.  Most consulting firms travel 50-80% of the time Mon-Fri to client sites. Awesome when you are young and mobile. Eager to see the world. A bit crappy if you are married with kids. Tough to find happily-married… Read More »

Loyalty Points: Thank You Client

Consulting travel is brutal, but one of the benefits is the mileage. We can thank our clients for the silver, gold, diamond, and platinum status we have with airlines and hotels.  Good ole’ Marriott loyalty points. Some places my wife and I visited using mileage: Toronto, Disney World,  Seattle, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Washington D.C., and Hawaii. … Read More »