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Skills and Tools

Management consultants wrestle with messy problems – ambiguous, uncertain, cross-functional, politically charged, and data-poor.


  • Thinking about complex problems
  • Using top-tier MBAs frameworks
  • Telling stories executives understand
  • Using best practices (or being lazy?)
  • Being “so good they can’t ignore you”
  • Learning how to (continuously) learn

Consulting Pyramid

Consulting is an elite profession. They choose the best (among the best). Case interviews are difficult, yet fun.

So you got the offer. How can you be a “rock star” among folks (honestly) smarter than you? Who is promotable?

What’s next? After consulting, how do I put this experience to good use?

Client Success

Consulting is about client service. We do the (dirty, hard, complex) work and give the clients’ the clarity and confidence to take action.

Sure, strategy + implementation = success. That’s not controversial, but how do you actually get the work done?

Clients expect more than business robots.

Consulting Tools

Consulting tools help you work smarter and faster. Sign up for a free copy of this 45pg ebook. Tools include DMAIC, SIPOC, Maturity Model, RACI, Gap Analysis, SOW, Client Interviews, Presentation Tips and more.
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Helping client’s play to their strengths and beat the market


Smoothing out processes so they are (yawn) boring and lean


Getting the right people on the bus and keeping it a great ride


Keeping an eye on the “right numbers”

"This was by far the most impactful training I have been to since joining."

– Management Consultant

"John really made the course wonderful - charismatic, knowledgeable, inclusive, and interesting"

– Associate Consultant

"The external consultant was engaging, knowledgeable, and provided a bit of humor sprinkled throughout"

– Senior Consultant
Case Interview Prep
No question, this is the first step in a consulting career.  Like the Boy Scounts say, “Be Prepared”  Link to blog post here
What Do consultants (REALLY) DO?
Sadly, management consulting is hard to explain to your parents.  Perhaps this list of 150+ old blog posts will give them an idea what life is behind all those Delta sky miles and $500+ Briggs and Riley roller bags.  Blog post link here.
Saying "Yes" to Clients Can Get you into trouble
We all want to keep clients (and partners) happy, but blindly saying “Yes” can get you into trouble. Blog post link here,
How to Interview Clients (well)
100% of my consulting projects involved client interviews. Some were in boardrooms, while others were in hospital storage closets. Here are some tips for all situations.  Blog post link here.

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Also, McKinsey, Bain, BCG report tear downs.

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About Me

Strong believer in the consulting process as the most effective way to tackle complex and ambiguous problems – turning data into insights, drawing out consensus, and driving change through pragmatic plans. Fighting complexity with simplicity.

Applying lessons from 20+ years work experience in management consulting, strategic planning, and B2B marketing to the classroom. Creating learning with the 230+ smart and ambitious business school students this semester.

– John Kim (jkstrategy AT

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