Stanford eCornerStanford is the epicenter of engineering and venture capital, so it is no surprise they have a large Rolodex of alumni and friends who come speak on campus.

In an 2011 survey, it was determined that 39K+ companies can trace their roots to the school. If those companies formed a country, it would have the 10th largest economy in the world. The list of the technology elite include HP, Cisco, Google, Yahoo etc.

They get top-shelf speakers. They have been recording these talks since 2002 and you will recognize many of the companies and speaker names here. Talks span all industries but have a heavy engineering, innovation, and entrepreneurial bent. Lots of discussion on picking the right team, scaling the enterprise, and working with venture capitalists.

Stanford eCorner - Zuckerberg Ek Mayer Kelley

  • Mark Zuckerberg. This talk is from 2005, only 1 year after he founded Facebook and right after moving to Palo Alto.  He was 21 then, but looks like the same hoodie.
  • Daniel Ek  Founder of Spotify.  This guy is brilliant, completely disrupting the music industry.  Real futurist, but also has solid entrepreneurial advice.
  • Marissa Mayer. This was in 2006 when she was a VP at Google, and had not yet become the CEO of Yahoo.  She was the mastermind behind Google’s clean home page, and it’s primary spokesperson for many years.
  • David Kelley.  Founder of legendary innovation design firm, IDEO.

Management consultants are learners and what better way to learn than from successful people who are willing to share advice. These hour-long talks are recorded on video, but they are just as good listened to by podcast here.  Perfect for those airplane trips and airport waits when your opportunity cost is zero.

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything learned in school”   – Albert Einstein

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