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HBR: Guidelines for authors (and consultants)

Great advice from the HBR editors. If you have ever thought (or dreamed) of writing for the Harvard Business Review, then you should read the guidelines from HBR here. As an educator, there are so many things to take away from this blurb on their website. Only 900 words, but well-written (no irony there) clear, and… Read More »

Invest time in people, experiences, assets, and writing

Grandpa-sounding advice coming your way. Here is a thesis for you to test out.  Do you agree with this statement? There are 4 smart ways to invest time: people, experiences, assets, and writing because all these things get more valuable over time. In the age of immediacy and instant access, your relationships, memories, passive income, and point of view will be unique to… Read More »

Clear writing – explain it to me as if I were a kid

Frankly, many people are bad writers. They come in all shapes and sizes. Most of it takes years and years of reading and writing to correct. If you don’t know the elements of composition, or just misuse grammar, it will be a tough road to writing for you If you don’t read, you don’t have pattern-recognition of what clear writing… Read More »

4 Personalities of Writing: Madman, Architect, Carpenter, Judge

Ever have writer’s block?  Try using this simple process to breakdown your writing into the right process steps. It’s called madman, architect, carpenter, and judge. The idea is simple, but instructive. There are 4 different writing personas tugging at you when you write.  The madman is coming up with great ideas all the time which might not be… Read More »

6 reasons why consultants are revision crazy

Consultants are constantly revising their work. Yes, the end product tends to be high-quality because a lot of smart people have spent A LOT of time on it. Looking at recent files saved on my laptop, I see some with pretty absurd file titles like: ABC_phase 1_02082013 10pm EST.ppt (with a date, time and time zone)… Read More »